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Cute College Babe Saana Takes Sticky Load In Her Shaved Poon

Duration: 22m, Starring Saana, Manuel Ferrara

(8 Votes)

With her incredible body and gorgeous blond face, there isn't a man alive who wouldn't want to cum in the pussy of petite college babe Saana. Manuel Ferrara is well known as a creampie addict - this guy never uses condoms, and instead of delivering a facial, he will spunk in the pussy any time he can! Saana is in for a rough ride with this big cock stud, who fucks the dirty bitch in her mouth while she masturbates and then enters her pussy. There is some extremely hot doggystyle fucking, with Saana continuing to rub her clit, and she also gets on top for some reverse cowgirl loving before she takes the sticky load in her shaved cunt.

Skateboards are Cool but that sweet Pussy is the Heat He Needs

Duration: 17m, 35s, Starring Gabriella Asstyrd, Jazz Duro

(2 Votes)

Gabriella Asstryd is looking for a cock of mythic proportions. The kind of massive wiener that doesn't fit most places. The kind of hang down that makes most spandex wish it were never born as it tries to hold it's shape. The massive pricks that are so big they have to be shifted out of the way when someone goes biking. She's got Jazz Duro which is a start. He doesn't reach the level she was hoping for, but he's certainly not small and he isn't a slouch in bed either so she's smiling even if she's not living the dream.

Nothing Beats thick oozing Cum Dripping Down All Wet and Juicy

Duration: 15m, 49s, Starring Michelle Lay, Nick Manning

(10 Votes)

Michelle Lay is about to get involved with one of the biggest dicks she'll ever know. She doesn't know that Nick Manning is a terrible guy, not bad, but terrible. Nice and kind and enjoyable, but at the end of it all completely selfish. She's having a lot of fun at first, fucking herself and fucking Nick when he finally shows up. She gets the first taste of what he'll be like when things end as he lays her flat to fuck her throat from a good angle. And when things do end it's like she's in a hail storm of cum.

A Movie that can only be Watched by those with Clit Hunger

Duration: 26m, 6s, Starring Lorraine, Manuel Ferrara

(10 Votes)

Lorraine was out last night looking for love in all the right places. She scored with a sweet fit guy and now that it's the next day she wants to be sure this won't just be a one night thing. She wants to fuck him on the regular and the best way she can think of to show him that is to get him to fuck her again in the morning. So before he wakes up she gets out of bed and dresses herself in some nice lingerie, then waits for him on the couch so when he's getting ready to leave he'll see her and they'll go for round two.

Luscious Hillary Scott Has Her Pink Pussy Filled With Hot Cum

Duration: 23m, 53s, Starring Hillary Scott, Reno

(9 Votes)

This hot blonde was hired by the single stud next door to be his rascals babysitter. Her hot and dripping twat becomes the old stud’s playground when he shows his appreciation for her work. She spreads her pussy lips quite wide while he creams in her twat and watches it drip out.

Princyany Loves Pie but Prefers to Share Her Anal Cream Pie with All

Duration: 23m, 21s, Starring Princyany Carvalho, Jazz Duro

(3 Votes)

Jazz Duro has been brooding about how little fucking he's been doing, and when he comes across a very submissive but interesting south Asian girl he has to give her everything he's got. It's been too long and he knows that he won't last unless she's terrible, and since she isn't he's blown away by his own ability to hold out. Her shaved pooter is getting his attention right away, and she sucks his cock to be sure it's hard and wet before it slams into her pussy like a bat to a ball headed for the bleachers.

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