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Diamond Collection 19

Young Slut With Great Boobs Gets Slammed

Duration: 18m, 1s, Starring Tiger, Jesse Adams

(4 Votes)

Jesse Adams wakes up first thing in the morning and starts the day with a nice glass of liquor. He hears a knock at the door, and is surprised to see that it's busty brunette delivery girl Tiger. He invites the girl into the living room and she sits nervously on the couch next to the stud, whose bathrobe is perilously close to falling open and revealing his throbbing cock. She might be young, but she's horny as hell, and she doesn't resist as Jesse reaches over and starts to feel her perfect natural boobs. Of course, Jesse gives her the full treatment, fucking her mouth and then her tight young pussy until he's ready to ejaculate.

Petite Blond Struggles With Black Penis

Duration: 16m, 24s, Starring King Paul

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Now this is an erotic black on white hardcore fuck that you don't want to miss! This petite blond cutie can't wait to get her lips wrapped around the cock of this well hung ebony fucker. He unzips his pants and presents the petite hottie with his throbbing pole, and she takes a moment just to stare and marvel at its enormous size! It's by far the biggest cock she's ever had in her mouth, but she is willing to take on anything! After she has given her man an excellent cocksucking, she lies back with her legs spread, giving you a fantastic view of her small, pert breasts, flat stomach and tight pussy. She gets it rough and deep!

Clean Shaven Cock Fucks Hairy Pussy

Duration: 15m, 52s, Starring John Leslie

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When an Aunt is asked to watch over the lover of her bitches she decides to take care of him in ways they might not agree with. She calls the exhausted guy into her room to help her and she is standing there with her breasts out asking him how they look. The guy is not going to pass up some free pussy so he lets her get on her knees and suck his big cock. While he watches she plays with her pussy for him and he strokes his cock. They finally fuck with her hairy pussy being rammed by his clean shaven cock.

Hot Brunette Cutie Give Great Head

Duration: 7m, 33s, Starring Tiger

(Not Rated)

Tiger lives up to her name this time. Getting her clit stimulated by some dude's tongue soon has her hot and ready. Taking his cock in her mouth she gets hard in no time. Ready for more she climbs onto his dick and slides it into her cunt. Up and down she rides. Now she spreads her legs and gets his hardened tool slammed deep into her womanhood. Reverse cowgirl style he slams her pussy while fingering her clit for extra pleasure. Sliding off of him they spoon an he continues pleasuring her pussy. Going doggy style they continue pleasuring her juicy tight pussy. Kneeling over her she blows him and he rubs off into her open mouth.

Pregnant Wife Takes A Stiff Black Dick

Duration: 9m, 16s, Starring King Paul

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Classic black porn stud King Paul is one dirtymother fucker! Not content with fucking every white chick in town, he has even moved on to seducing white men's pregnant wives! He's got himself a barefoot, pregnant brunette babe in his kitchen, cooking him a meal when she should be at home taking care of her husband's affairs! Having a pregnant babe as his cook and cleaner isn't enough - he has to spunk in her pregnant hole as well! He lays the naked babe down on the bed, burying his face in her slippery pussy. He can't even see her face because of her large baby bump in the way! Then he proceeds to pound her long and rough.

Hot 70s Slut Works Cowboy's Hard Cock

Duration: 18m, 51s, Starring Tiger, Jesse Adams

(4 Votes)

No sooner than she gets her bra off Tiger starts blowing Jesse Adams. With his pants down she takes his stiffened tool in her mouth and starts sucking. With his pants and boots off she can do a better job on his cock. Wanting a ride she lays him down and mounts his swollen sword. Deep into her pussy she pushes his cock, coming from the effort. Facing us she continues bouncing on his ram. Time for doggy style and he slams his meat into her juicy love hole. Missionary style he continues his lustful stroking of her womanhood. His final strokes of her sweet little cunt result in him pulling out and rubbing one off into her spread open pussy.

Tom Boy With No Tits Fucks Stud

Duration: 17m, 47s, Starring R.J. Reynolds

(4 Votes)

She isn't very pretty and her almost nonexistent boobs give her a tomboy appearance. Her sex partner introduces her to his cock and she starts licking and sucking it. Fearing he will cum too soon he decides to get down and whip her hairy pussy until it submits and cums. He then picks her up and lets her ride on his cock while he lifts her up. Covered in sweat they try different positions but in the end, it is her kneeling before him and sucking on his cock ever so slowly brings him to the brink and makes him cum.

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